• Land Rover Teams Back Up with BMW for Electric Tech
      The move towards electric vehicles is making for some strange bedfellows in the auto industry, with mergers and joint ventures between rivals becoming more and more common. Jaguar Land Rover has joined on the bandwagon, pairing with former parent company BMW Group to develop next-generation Electric Drive Units (EDUs).
  • Sensory Steering Wheel Uses Temperature to Prevent Distracted Driving
      Many modern Land Rovers come with heated steering wheels, but what if they could be used for more than just warming your fingers on a cold day? What if this luxury feature could be used to prevent distracted driving and make roads safer? That was the latest question asked by Jaguar Land Rover and […]
  • News and New Photos of New Defender At Work in Kenya
      There are more official photos of the New Defender, after being used with Tusk, the African wildlife conservation charity, at Borana Conservancy in Kenya. Internationally-renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow documented Tusk's 2019 "Year of the Lion" campaign from a Defender while at Borana. Also, the Defender has shed even more of its camo, and […]
  • Inspiring Adventures: Cross-Country Moab Roadtrip
    There's no greater off-road pilgrimage in North America than Moab, Utah, where every 4x4 enthusiast must one day take their truck to experience the most iconic trails that wind around the red rocks. I took the opportunity this past weekend to join a few friends from the Atlanta area on a cross-country trek by LR3 […]