• Wanted: Missing Historic Land Rovers
      Over the years, many Land Rovers have performed famous feats of expeditions. Some of these veteran Land Rovers are still around, while others have disappeared. Adam Bennett, a Land Rover enthusiast and restorer from Yorkshire, England, is on the hunt for some of the holy grails of missing Land Rovers.
  • Land Rover Trials New Recycling Processes
      Every automaker is trying to be greener these days. Jaguar Land Rover's largest efforts to protect the environment are in their push to electrify their model range. However, they're taking other steps, too, to reduce waste and recycle materials in their manufacturing process. They've made major advances in recycling both plastics and metals.
  • First Road Test Reports Coming on New Defender
      A few members of the motoring press have had access to rides in the new Defender (not behind the wheel), on the Developing World track at Land Rover's headquarters in Gaydon, England.
  • Road Test: 2019 Discovery 5
      It's Discovery's 25th year in North America, and over the past quarter-century, the model line has changed drastically. The Discovery 5 has moved even further upmarket, while radically changing the Disco's iconic styling. As someone who daily drives a 1994 Discovery 1, I wondered just how different the new truck was. What better way […]