SCARR 2016

 SCARR 2016

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WE left Culpeper (Va.) and headed over the Blue Ridge Mountains with the Casita in tow . Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new at SCARR 16. The weather apps did not look good , with rain and storms scheduled all along the route with more predicted for Texas.

It was hard to believe, as we crossed through the Shenandoah National Park The sun was shinning, red buds and dog woods were blooming. A smooth trip to Texas from Virginia. All the time anticipating thunder storms. Only problem on the trip it turns out was in Hot Springs the road was so rough the Casita was bouncing in the air. The bottom hinge on the refrigerator bottom door hing broke. The door came off allowing the contents to dump on the floor. Raw eggs broken all over the floor. Oranges and other food floating in them. Big thanks to John Monaghan for designing ,manufacturing, and installing a new hinge . Finished up at 1am in the morning. So far so good. and it held all the way back to Virginia.

The rain finally came, by the buckets full tuesday night. By morning its just a light drizzle,as we leave Texarkana, and disappeared by the time we reached Bardwell Mountain.


The G4 found its brothers at SCARR. Including Sarah Caldwell’s right had drive G4 event vehicle. a total of 105 Rovers in all arrived for SCARR this year.. This includes every thing from early Series models to the latest Discovery offer from Land Rover. After we checked we headed to the park’s electric camp.We head to Camp Mabey to socialize and enjoy the camp fire.


Up early, coffee finished , we went to the pavilion to check on the days adventures. First thing I found was the Food Truck of R&J Catering of Benton, LA offering mini donuts, and mini meat pies. These are hard decisions this early.

Trail runs started at 10:15, Folks started lining up behind signs designating skill levels. There were options for every one from basic new to off roading with his/her new Sport, to the old salt with his/her modified Defender. Thursday evening JAGUAR LAND ROVER AUSTIN, LAND ROVER DALLAS AND FRISCO sponsored a meet and greet happy hour . Ever one enjoyed seeing old friend and meeting new ones. Scarfed down gallons of gumbo , many sliders, as well as fries, shrimp and grits. Good night. Run. A few water crossings, few rocks, and a lot of mud.The rain had moved out , but Mother Nature provided a spectacular light show to the north.

The morning started out with a second breakfast at the food trailer. Barnwells trails dry out fairly fast making this morning trail runs excellent. a few muddy places in the gullies, or standing water helped add to the adventure.

KID’S ACTIVITIES started at 12:00 with RC truck racing . there is a very nice RC track set up, complete with bumps, drop offs , and ravines. The winners of the over 12 RC event are. First Hendricks 54.23 , second place: Baden 54.86 and third : Evan 59.23

Friday afternoon was also the first annual BARBARA TOY memorial run,sponsord by Rovers North. Barbara Toy travelled the world with only her Land Rover called Pollyanna for company. In her series of books she gives vivid windows into her experiences. Her bolder feat was her trip around the world, through Europe, Turkey to pakistan, through Asia . From Perth to Sydney and then to San Francisco and on to New York.

This is event was set up by Sarah Caldwell for all the women who usually end up as passages. 11 women met for a safety briefing, and short history of Barbara Toy and her adventures. With their return, every one was pumped to run another trail.

Dinner was provided at the pavilion. Then every one migrated to Camp Maybe for a social drink and the obligatory camp fire. The “Kids” on hand enjoyed a movie and Root beer floats provided by OLIVER’S AUTOMOTIVE.

Serious folk headed out for a night run.

Saturday morning brought lots of excitement . Along with trail runs, there was a “THE FAMILY BLIND FOLD OBSTACLE COURSE” sponsored by LUCKY 8. The parent is blind folded and must navigate a route laid out with cones guided by there child or in some cases children. This all provided great fun and laughter for spectators as well as particatents.

At Old Camp the FUN ZONE held a “TIRE CHALLENGE” , an idea borrowed from the Overland Challenge. Three teams of two vehicles with winches had to lift a tire , while keeping it level. The winning team was the Crazy Cajuns.

Before dinner every one gathered at the “Rock Garden” for a group photo. Then participants poured into the pavilion for dinner and the raffle drawings .After wards folks migrated to Camp Maybe for campfire and comrade . while others chose that one last run …….

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