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SCARR 2012

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The 9th annual SCARR (South Central Rover Ralley) returned to Barnwell mountain in east Texas March 22nd to Sunday, March 25th this year. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area was opened in 2000. With 1850 acres criss crossed with miles of trails ranging from one diamond (easy) to the insane. There was a trail worthy of every Land Rover attending the event the final count came out with 112 Land Rovers; 60 Discovery, 20 Range Rover, 15 LR3/4, 6 Defender, several Series.182 guest attended SCARR 2012 the destination spot for March Land Rover action. Visitors such as David Priddis from as far way as from St. Brelade Jersey UK or Pam and Terry Brown from Wales adding an international flare. There were also vehicles , such as Heather Armstong’s 1995 RRC LWB driven from Wood Heaven Mi. and from Virginia; Mat Moran, Dan Prasada-Rao and Michael Van Curen with a 1963 109 Station Wagon. there were also Land Rovers from New Orleans, AR, OK, as well as Texas.
After every one started getting settled in and a trail or two scouted out, it was to Camp Mabey for a camp fire , meet n’ greet, and a social drink or two.

Friday, morning action started off with beginners class at the main pavilion held by Arto Pullinen for those new to off roading or just wanting to get re-familiarized with driving thier Land Rover off road. After an hour on the “easy” trails this group was wanting more trail time and a little more challenging trails. Mean while folks unfamilear with Barnwells trails lined up at main pavilion for guided trail runs . Those that were familiar with Barnwell and the more aggresive vehicles maps in had headed out for the tuff stuff.

Fridays  catared Dinner of Chicken or Beef Fahitas was sponored by Allen Avery of North Texas British , some more trail runs and then Late drinks around campfire at Camp Mabey

Saturday moring 8:30 AM folks begain gathering at the Main Pavilion for Arto Pullinen’s Beginners class as others lined up for guided trail runs, the more aggressice on trail maps in hand for the extreme trails. The morning went by too fast with some folks wanting to participate in the Iron Skillet cook off (or just watch).

The Iron Skillet cook off turned out to be hit , as much a spectator sport as the “trail cheffs” plied thier skills at gastranomicle delights. With a Camp Cheff stove complete with oven was the prize the entrants went over the top for. Don Collins came in first withsome outstanding brazed beef tips on rice. His presentation included table cloth and a flower arrangement.

As the Iron Skillet was wrapping up, the Kids events where starting. There was plenty of games includeing a water ballon toss and prizes for all. While some played games others had tire tracks painted on their SCARR Shirts. Not wanting to be left out Niegel Jeb from Arkansas paint tire marks on the hood of his Rangie.

A Blind folded Obstacle course was set up through the woods near Camp Mabey. The driver is blind folded and completely dependent on his navigators directions. The trail started off down hill with a small step part way down. At the bottom made a hard right, then another hard right back up the hill. Then part ways up, turned right again and went back down where the drivers retraced the first section up the hill and over the small step to finnish. There where plenty of clashes with trees , one broken drivers had mirror, and plenty of pin stripes. Jon Button driving Phil Hecker,s Disco with Phil as navigator came in first.

5:30 folks gathered for another great catered   Dinner of BBQ Brisket and Sausages at the Main Pavilion sponsored by Ben Tais of Land Rover Shreveport. This was followed by the much anticipated rafflel. After the rafflel some made quick night runs, others headed to Camp Mabey for camp fire time and a late social drink or two. One major theme kept creeping in , How freindly and help full every one at the ralley was. John Monaghan’s LWB wasted a front differential. The Arkansas team jumped in when a ten spline could not be found and helped pull every thing out, clean up and reasemble a 12 spline before dinner. Eli Spigler and Justin Monnin mentioned They have been to several events but the Texas Rovers is a great community of Land Rover enthusiast who may make people feel welcome and first to come to the aid of someone who needs help with their vehicle.  Eli mentioned when his hose busted there were 10 guys that came to aid.

Sunday, The RV campers held a communal breakfast , with two of our resident Britts, Nigel Jebb providing black pudding and John Monoghan doing sausage and fried bread, now this one is a real artery clogger , but sooo tasty. there was also gallons of coffee , piles of scrabled eggs , hot cakes and bacon. All folks could say was “ wow where did the week end go?” “ Has it been three days already?” and “do we have to go home?”

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