SCARR 2011

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SCARR (South Central Area Rover Rally) all started with a couple of Texas Rovers members in Dallas / Fort Worth wanting to get together with like minded Rover Owners from Houston Rovers, and OK Rovers for a week end of off roading.

The 2011 event was held in Hidden Falls Adventure Park for the second year. The Hidden Falls offers a variety of 4×4 trails. With trails suitable for stock or modified Rovers. There are currently 22 different trails. Plenty of level 1and 2 trails for stock to slightly modified or those just wanting to play it safe. The level 3 trails are rated for modified vehicles with 33 “+ tires and at least rear lockers. The level 4,5 and 6 trails are rated for extremely modified Rovers and drivers with no fear. Most of the trails have a bypass to go around level 4-5 obstacles.

Thursday, registration opened, and Land Rovers arrived through out the day. Over 100 attendees, with 90 vehicle registered. The group traveling the furthest was SirTiffy and boys with the league of Ventures Search and Rescue from Hampshire U.K. The Venturers are a teenage youth organization dedicated to “Helping People and Animals in Danger or Distress on Land and Sea”. Founded in the idea that given the opportunity and trust, they can take a role in a Rescue Service, which over the years has helped thousands and saved actual lives. The Venturers shipped a Defender 130 to Galveston Texas. After the event they headed for Utah and California before shipping it back to England where it is used as a rescue rig.

Excited attendees set up camp, and Thursday being a free day, formed impromptu groups to explore the park and trails. After Dinner Chris VonC organized a night run for those interested. It was now official, the first organized run for SCARR 2011.

Friday morning and each morning after, campers in camp “A” were woken at 0700 with reveille provide by our new English friends. By nine, eager drivers and passengers met at the Main Pavilion for the drivers meeting then two groups split off; a guided beginner trail run (with trail leaders and spotters), and a group of intermediates wanting to do 3 and 4 rated trails. The latter group did some of the same trails as the night run, the night before. I will say there was a lot more pucker power seeing some of the obstacles and hill descents in the day light.

After lunch, Several Land Rovers volunteered to ferry guest to Dan and Tami’s wedding. They had met at SCARR a couple of years ago and decided SCARR was the best place for dedicated Land Rover Owners to get married. The wedding was held on a tree shaded flat grass covered area near next to a water fall (do to no rain in Texas the falls were dry). The remaining folks headed back to explore the 200 miles plus of trails offered by Hidden Falls. Dinner provided at the Main Pavilion. Great Tex-Mex meal of Chicken or Beef Fajitas, beens and all salsa and fix’ns. SCARR attendee’s were invited to the wedding reception festivities and enjoy the live band “The Spazmatics” The Austin 80’s cover band.

Saturday, 9:00 AM: Land Rovers began to assemble for the guided trail runs at Main Pavilion. At noon every one met at the main pavilion for lunch provided by North Texas Rover one of the event sponsors. After lunch Lucky 8 Off Road Equipment gave a recovery demo, by winching a rover with driver over on its side. Then winching back up right on all fours. Very little damage to the body, and it even started up and ran. There were activities for kids at the pavilion, including water ballon toss, and other activities assured to get someone wet.

While waiting for dinner vehicles lined up in front of the Main Pavilion for the obligatory group photo, making an impressive display of Land Rovers finest. From the largest Defender 130 crew cab, a 110 Defender Station Wagon, a couple series rigs, plenty of Discovery’s, LR3/4, Range Rovers, a Sport and two buggies. Cars abandoned where they set, every on migrated to enjoy a catered BBQ Dinner at at Main Pavilion with SCARR raffle afterwards. There was also a special raffle in support of Wheelers for Wounded. This was a Special Edition Epiphone G-400 Electric Guitar decorated in the theme of Land Rover and SCARR. including carrying case valued at $500.00 and donated by Cedar Gap Customs. Texas Rovers was able to donate $1100.00 to the Wheelers for the Wounded.

After dinner, and raffle some folks hit the trails for that last run. Making the most of the opportunity and did not return till after dusk and the Ventures had played retreat.
Sunday seemed to start out slow, too much sun and fun. Procrastinating knowing today was time to head back to the real world

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