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keep an eye out for new stuff here. working with Iphone, MotionX GPS and opensourcemaps. Think I am going to do away with every thng except the iphone ( and my stick on the dash compas).

Motion X gps

I have a Swiss Army Knife, use it all the time. Love all those little bits and pieces that are incorporated into them. Now I have found some thing that is as much fun, My Iphone! I will admit it does not come with tweezers or tooth pick …… Just think, I used the Tom Tom gps application to find my way around the country. At Christmas it took me from my front door in Irving Texas to my Son’s in Virginia with out a hitch. All this time listening to books on the Ipod app. through the Disco’s speaker system. Checking the weather ahead. And, actually talked on it as a hands free phone.

I actually have three gps apps on the Iphone. (only use two regularly) . I started out with G-map US west. it worked fine until I wanted to go east of Texas. Tom Tom for the Iphone was on sale not much more than getting G-map East. Tom Tom works great. no complaints. I originally had MotionX lite (free app). Didn’t like it around town. so it just sat there until I read a post of Texas Rovers about maping and geo-tagging pictures. as a test I started a track at my house. Stopped by the park took a picture of my car using the camera function in the motionx app. Then mailed it to my self…. When I got home There was my email with link that brought up google maps with my route and a little thing’y that was the G4 parked at the park. clicked it and sure enough there I was. Right where it said I was.

I sprung for the $2.99 and purchased the full version so I could save more way points and tracks. If some one is an off roader , hiker or does any thing out side this is the one to use. first I added all the way points and tracks I had gathered over the years. Sent them to motionX as gpx files. they sent me and e-mail with a link that added every thing to my application. Including a map I had done for anther gps.

I was looking at the fine print on the bottom of the map screen ……..”openstreetmap”….. hummmm. I have now uploaded the tracks I have to open source maps, and if you down load the map for Barnwell there are most of the trails … I have not been able to make them routable yet, but if you load a track such as greenlane, it is overlayed in red over the trail on the map…. kinda neat. One other app I have been keeping updated is Road Trip Lite. keeps track of gas milage….. check out previous post

Oh Ya ! how can I forget … I have the Word Press app , so I can update from my Iphone ……..

Barnwell Map from open source maps

MotionX GPS has its place in hiking and other treks,and geotaging pictures. TomTom is a great one for door to door guidance.

——-start of old post———on GPS———Should be filed away for history…….

As with every thing, navigation is getting high tech. Don’t get me wrong I still have my magnetic compass on the dash. I looked at a lot of GPS systems before I decided to get a unit to use with my PDA. This unit also works with my lap top This is nice, except mounting one in the Disco could prove awkward. GPS stand alone units like the Garmin, were costly compared to the Pharos. I choose the Pharos system after reading many reports and articles on the web. I already had an HP Jornada 540 that replaced my old day planner.

The complete Pharos system is comprised of the iGPS hardware and the Ostia 2002 navigation software. It also includes the cables and cigarette lighter adaptor to power the GPS and PDA. There is also a new model that uses the CF slot on the Jornada, and cable available to connect to USB and serial ports on a laptop. I use the Pharos iGPS with both the Ostia maps as well as Microsoft Streets and maps 2002 around town. Off road I usually use the Streets and Maps. If you have already purchased Microsoft Streets and maps there is a down load for the PDA on the Microsoft web site.

Both of these map programs do well with the Pharos GPS. They locate the current position, or find a destination or point of interest (POI). Routes to off road areas can be calculated and viewed on our PC then down loaded to the PDA. Once you’re in your vehicle, simply activate the navigation program and begin traveling; the automated voice-prompts will instruct you when and where to turn. If by chance you go “off route,” the automated voice will give an off-route warning. Simply push the “Action” button on the HP Jornada and the system will reroute you to your destination from your current position.

I also have the cable to use the Pharos with a laptop. I have not used it in the field, but plan to in the near future. Testing it, I could not get it to work. I used hyper term to check the com port. All kinds of data flowing. I took the laptop out side and it found my location with in seconds.

I also use the Stealth GPS Data Logger with my PDA while off roading to log co-ordinates then convert and import them to “push pins” for use with Microsoft Streets and maps 2002 on my PC using Their conversion utility. This utility is a free down load on their web site.

The Stealth GPS Data Logger is a “Black Box journey recorder” for cars and trucks. It is a motion based application that will store GPS location and movement data to your Pocket PC and can be run completely hidden in the background or displaying data about your course, speed, number of records saved etc. This is the mode I prefer to use off road. You can choose to save extra data such as distance traveled and current speed alongside the GPS position data providing you with a complete record of where you have been, when and for how long you have stopped at certain locations and the speeds at which you have been traveling. This is extremely useful data, which can be used to help map the trails you have covered.

Using Stealth GPS on your Pocket PC you can save as much data as you wish by controlling the frequency with which records are stored. The data can later be extracted and used to create routes in Microsoft Streets and maps 2002. Pharos has written a program that will convert the raw GPS data to decimal Latitudes & Longitudes for universal plotting to mapping packages such as MS Map and AutoRoute 2002, it will also convert to the UK OS co-ordinate system for those that require it.

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