• Land Rover Introduces Accessory Line for Dogs
    After some market research, Land Rover found out that about 50% of their owners had dogs -- not surprising if you've ever been to a Land Rover event. To help this substantial market make their Land Rovers more dog-friendly, they've announced a selection of "Pet Packs" in their accessory catalog, promoted by new canine mascots […]
  • New Land Rover Marketing Campaign Looks to the Past
    Land Rover's marketing campaigns in the late 1980s and 1990s, orchestrated in part by the late, brilliant public relations man Bill Baker, have proven to be one of the most successful and ingenious experiments in automotive brand building. The Range Rover Classic was a 17-year-old design when it came to North America in 1987, but […]
  • JLR's Autonomous Experiments Are Looking At You
    Autonomous cars are the hot new thing in the auto industry, even though they're still probably years away from being anything near common on the roads. One issue? Two-thirds of people still don’t trust the cars to not run them over, and changing the rules of the road requires as much psychological research as it […]
  • Tata Building Indian SUV Based on Discovery Sport
    Though Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors, part of the massive Indian multi-industry Tata Corporation, it has taken a decade for Land Rover technology to trickle back to the main Tata Motors product line in any significant fashion. No longer, however, with the coming launch of the Tata Harrier, based on the Range Rover […]


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