• A History of the Land Rover Camel Trophy: Part 2, 1984-1986
    By the mid-1980s, the Camel Trophy was an international mega-event, exploring the world's jungles in their iconic convoys of Sandglow-painted Land Rovers. The event grew bigger and more intense every year, and began to experiment with more arid environments alongside the usual lush green jungle locations.
  • Upcoming Rover Vehicle Rumors Run Rampant
      Mules of various upcoming Land Rover products are running around the English Midlands, suggesting all sorts of new and exciting things are on their way from Land Rover across all three of their "product families."
  • First Socially-Distant Built Range Rover Rolls Off Line
      The famous Land Rover factory at Lode Lane, Solihull, England reopened on May 18th after being shuttered during the Coronavirus lockdown. After an immense amount of rejiggering of assembly techniques, the first Range Rover built with socially-distant procedures rolled off the line on Wednesday, May 20th.
  • A History of Camel Trophy: Part 1, 1980-1983
      There may be no adventure associated with Land Rover that is more iconic than the Camel Trophy. For eighteen years, the ultimate test of man and machine was partnered with the Best4x4xFar. It was an adventure that touched every part of the globe, and took Land Rovers through the harshest conditions. As Camel Trophy […]


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